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As we all know, if anyone wants to succeed in any field, information or knowledge about that respective field must be required. To this end, a good orientation must be required to succeed in the targeted field.

In this case, students choose highly ranked or highly rated universities in India. Some Indian students are not admitted to universities of their choice due to tuition fees or are unhappy with the country’s education system in their chosen field. They therefore choose to To study abroad.

Speaking of countries that are well developed in the field of education, Australia is one of them.

Capital: Canberra

LANGUAGES : English is the de facto “official language”. There are not many Australian Aboriginal languages ​​left since 1950. Surviving languages ​​include Mabuting and the Western Desert language. There are also widespread immigrant languages ​​like Hindi, Italian and Greek.

Religion: Christianity (mainly Anglicism and Roman Catholicism), Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, irreligion, agnosticism and atheism.

Australia is one of the best places or countries where students who want to study abroad can complete their courses, especially at the UG and PG levels. We Study in Australia easily due to the moderate climate and temperature and the friendly nature of the citizens.

As of today, Australia has become the destination of choice for many students pursuing quality higher education abroad. This is mainly because Australian education is constantly revamping itself not only to adhere to global standards but also to help students become creative and innovative workers in a rapidly changing world. This explains the huge global demand for Study in Australia.

Most states offer the best Study in Australia for Indian Students who want to study only in English. Ranked as the third most preferred study destination for Indian students, Australian universities have seen strong growth in Indian applications over the past few years.

Australia offers a diverse range of study options for international students, with over 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 courses for other applicants. Students can study at all levels of education, from primary and secondary school to vocational education and training (VET), from English language courses to higher education in bachelor’s and master’s degrees (at universities ).

Regardless of what a student studies or how long they study Study in Australia, the laws promote the quality of education and the protection of international students. Needless to say, Australian cities have consistently ranked among the most livable and student-friendly cities in the world.

Course Eligibility Criteria

1) UG courses to study in Australia:

a) Students must achieve 50% in their 10+2. Students scoring less than this can apply for degrees and foundation courses.

b) In addition, they need a minimum IELTS score of 6.0-6.5 percentiles.

c) In any case, universities can also organize exams such as TOEFL, GRE or GMAT.

d) A period of interruption must be supported by acceptable reasoning on paper.

e) Only those who have the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are eligible for admission.

f) A SOP (statement of intent) is also required to be eligible.

2) PG courses to study in Australia:

a) Students need a bachelor’s degree and transcript as proof of their grades.

b) In addition, they need a minimum IELTS score of 6.0-6.5 percentiles.

c) Although there is no age limit, students must justify on paper the reasons for the deviation taken.

d) Only those who have the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are eligible for admission.

e) A SOP (statement of intent) is also required to be eligible.

While studying in Australia, a country with a quality education system, Indian students say affordability is a major draw. Scholarship in Australia is an attractive option in addition to the possibility for students to work part-time. Some sectors and industries, which are student-friendly from the perspective of an Indian student, include tourism, hospitality and many others, which makes it easier to find part-time jobs and gain some exposure while partially covering living expenses in Australia.

The scholarships also include government-funded options such as the Australian Scholarships (AAS) for Bachelors and Masters. There are university-specific scholarships in Australia available to international students for various UG and PG programs.

During the Study in Australia, the cost was very affordable. This will help students who want to take courses abroad at a lower cost. When a person studies in Australia, the cost may vary from one institution or university to another.

Some of the top ranked universities and the cost of studying in Australia are as follows:

1) James Cook University: INR 15-20 Lacs per year

2) Western Sydney University: INR 14-18 Lakes per year

3) Flinders University: INR 15-20 Lacs per year

4) University of Canberra: INR 15-20 Lacs per year

5) Newcastle University: INR 15-20 Lacs per year

6) Victoria University: INR 12-18 Lacs per year

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