Mini Belgrade getaway – lilac university

A bit spontaneously, I decided to book an AirBnB a bit outside of Belgrade to do a mini weekend getaway and see another part of Serbia. It’s only a 20 minute drive from my house, but the AirBnB is a houseboat on the Sava River, and it was just what I needed to take some time off to recharge. I just want to have a quiet weekend where I can read, work on my graduation certificate, watch movies, and listen to the rain. Just be still. I feel like I’ve had so much to process over the past few weeks, and I need time to just be.

friday november 18

On Friday I woke up and wasn’t feeling very well – the cough I’d had for the past week finally caught up with me and I was feeling unwell, so I decided to work from home. Luckily, my mentor during my internship is super understanding, and I’ve crossed two other countries in the massive research paper I’m doing. So it was really a very productive day, even though the office closes at 3:30 p.m. on Fridays.

After work I packed my things and went to the supermarket to get some food before taking a taxi to take me to the AirBnB. It was a live to get there, to say the least – not only was it dark and in the countryside where there are very few streetlights, but the driver didn’t speak English and I couldn’t put the precise location on the app. Luckily my driver was super nice and chatted on the phone with the AirBnB owner to find out how to get there.

The AirBnB was this little houseboat on the Sava River, and it was adorable. There was a small bathroom and a kitchen and a loft sleeping area – absolutely perfect for a cozy weekend. I threw away my things and cooked dinner before watching The Grand Budapest Hotel again, because it looked like a Wes Anderson party. I highly recommend the movie if you haven’t seen it; it’s a prime example of Anderson’s artistry as a filmmaker. Then I read my book and sat down to listen to the rain falling on the roof.

Saturday November 19

On Saturday, I slept and did not move from my bed until noon. I love those days when you have absolutely nothing to do and you can just be present and enjoy the moment. I know the work is really going to kick off next week with the end of semester push (i.e. presentations and a massive paper) so I really appreciated having the weekend off before to step up a gear next week. I read Dorian Gray’s photolook at Sing in the rain (perfect because it was raining most of the day on Saturday) I did some reading for my full senior project and watched some of the The crown. I danced around the living space and cooked and sat with my thoughts as I journaled. It was a perfectly rejuvenating day – just what I needed – and I appreciated being able to do it in such a comfortable and peaceful space. I really think traveling alone is seriously underestimated; it’s a great way to spend time with yourself.

Sunday November 20

Sunday (today) I woke up and had to leave the AirBnB at 10am, so I got up, made a quick breakfast and then cleaned up. I decided to take the bus back to Belgrade, which was very easy (and free!), and met a super cute boyfriend at the bus stop.

my boyfriend!

Back in Belgrade, I went to a small cafe for coffee before heading home. Despite resting all weekend, I felt tired, so I decided to take a quiet shower, do a face mask, and watch TV. During my time here, I adapted to the needs of my body much more and rested when I needed it instead of forcing myself. Today was a rest day.

I also talked a little on the phone with mom and dad. Less than four weeks before I return home!

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