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Australia has 43 institutions, 37 of which are in the top 1000 of the Times Higher Education Rankings.

Australian universities offer a unique blend of academic and educational quality, as well as cultural melting pots and groundbreaking research opportunities.

Since the best universities in Australia are found all over Australia, every state and territory will have at least one main university campus.

Australia university map shows universities in all major Australian cities.

International students can also benefit from multiple campuses in different fields. They can choose where they want to live in Australia.

Popular Intakes in Australian Universities

It can be difficult to decide which dose is right for you. The highest intakes in Australia are in February and July.

However, some colleges begin the application process earlier than others. Individuals can apply for admission in September or November.

For more information on contributions, see the table below:

Admission Deadline
Semester 1 (February intake) October November
Semester 2 (July intake) April May
Semester / Trimester 3 September – November

Best Universities in Australia for International Students

The best colleges in Australia offer a variety of programs and universities that are popular with international students. Here is a list of the best institutions that offer postgraduate and undergraduate programs for international students.

Name of the university Rank (Global-THE’21)
University of Melbourne #31
University of Sydney #51
Australian National University #59
University of Queensland #62
Monash University #64
University of New South Wales #67
Adelaide University #118
University of Western Australia #139
Sydney University of Technology #160
University of Canberra #184

IELTS 5 Band Universities in Australia

The minimum IELTS score required for Australian colleges is 5.5. You must check this before applying. Some universities do not require IELTS scores to accept international students.

Here are some examples :

  • Macquarie University
  • UNSW
  • Bond University
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of Queensland
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • University of South Australia

Best Universities in Australia for Undergraduates

A bachelor’s degree in Australia typically takes three to four years. There are many bachelor’s degree programs available, including in the fields of arts, science and design, law, education, and law. Here are the best universities in Australia that offer bachelor’s degrees:

The universities Best UG Courses
Torrens University BBA, B.Des,
Monash University,, BA
Central Queensland University, BA
Charles Darwin University BA, BAA
University of Tasmania BBA, B.Sc, BA
University of New England BA,, LLB
Federation University, B.ed.
University of Southern Queensland BBA,,
Cape Breton University B.Sc.
Curtin University, BA, LLB
Deakin University,
Macquarie University, B.ed.
Southern Cross University B.Sc.

Eligibility Criteria to Study UG in Australia

  1. To study the Baccalaureate – BSc – and other UG programs offered by Australian colleges and universities, you must have at least 65% in Year 12.
  2. Students who have less than 60% can apply for diploma and foundation courses. These courses require a lower minimum percentage.

Best Universities in Australia for MS

MS programs in Australia can last from one to two years. There are many specialties from which students can choose. Here are the top institutions that offer masters degree programs in Australia:

The universities Total Fees (AUD)
The Australian National University $91,200
University of Melbourne $91,700
University of Sydney $69,000
University of Adelaide $59,000
RMIT University $74,880
University of Wollongong $68,000
The University of Western Australia
Queensland University of Technology $69,400
Curtin University $62,000
New Castle University $71,310
Monash University $67,000
University of Technology, Sydney $68,000
Macquarie University $39,800

Eligibility Criteria to Study MS in Australia

  1. An academic background or a recognized undergraduate degree is required.
  2. You will need a solid GMAT score and a high score on English proficiency exams like IELTS, with a minimum of 6.5 overall.
  3. 600 GMAT scores are considered good.
  4. A score above 660 is considered exceptional.

Australian universities accept Ielts 6 for masters

  1. Australian National University (ANU)
  2. James Cook University (JCU)
  3. University of Tasmania (UTAS)
  4. University of New England (UNE)
  5. Victoria University
  6. La Trobe University
  7. University of South Australia Online (UniSA Online)
  8. flinders university
  9. Swinburne University of Technology
  10. University of Canberra

MBA Universities in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for international students wishing to study for an MBA abroad. Some of the best business schools in the world are located in Australia. Here are the contact details and fees for the best business schools in Australia.

Name of the university Tuition fees (AUD/year)
University of Melbourne $92,250
The University of New South Wales $78,480
Monash University $37,000
University of Technology, Sydney $21,375
RMIT University $45,120
The Australian National University $28,020
Macquarie University $40,000
The University of Western Australia $59,700
University of Wollongong $60,192
La Trobe University $42,000
University of South Australia $36,000

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBA in Australia

  1. For Australia to study the MBA, foreign applicants must have a bachelor’s degree of at least 60%.
  2. A few years of management experience are also required.
  3. These are the only conditions for admission to management schools. Most require GMAT scores.

Best Research Universities in Australia – PHD

The duration of a PhD in Australia is between 3 and 5 years depending on the college you choose.

A master’s degree is required to apply for doctoral programs. Here are the top universities in Australia that offer PhD programs:

The universities Fees (AUD/year)
University of Melbourne $43,000 to $46,000
Australian National University $52,000
University of Queensland $9,170 to $40,736
Monash University $35,800 to $48,800
University of Sydney $50,000
University of New South Wales $35,280
University of Adelaide $43,000 to $53,000
The University of Western Australia $35,400 to $50,700
University of Technology, Sydney $15,270 to $21,790
University of Canberra $28,700 to $39,600

Eligibility Criteria to Study a PhD in Australia

  1. It is necessary to show proof of a university degree obtained after three to four years of undergraduate study and two years of postgraduate study.
  2. The minimum score required for English proficiency exams such as IELTS is 6.5 overall.

Universities in Australia offering scholarships

Scholarships offered by Australian institutions or governments can be applied for by students seeking financial assistance for their Australian studies. These scholarships are available for international students studying in Australia.

Sotck exchange Eligibility Award
Australian awards International students Full tuition
Destination Australia National and international students $15000
Australian Government Research Training Program International and national students Varied
Australian Catholic University Scholarship for International Students Merit-Based International Students Depends on a student’s merit
Curtin University International Research Scholarships International Masters or PhD students $10,000

Universities in Australia without tuition fees

  • University of South Australia (UniSA) Toll Free Link.
  • Bond University.
  • Victoria University (UV)
  • Central Queensland University (CQ University)
  • University of Wollongong (UOW)
  • RMIT University.
  • University of Notre Dame Australia.
  • Charles Darwin University (CDU)

Career Opportunities in Australia for International Students

Australia is home to one of the strongest economies in the world, with its beautiful natural environment and vibrant cities. It’s no surprise that Australia is a popular destination for expats looking to work overseas.

The Australian labor market is very competitive. Foreigners are not always in high demand for all skills and professions.

For foreigners, the most demanded industries are education, construction, hospitality and tourism.

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FAQs on Universities in Australia?

How much does it cost for an international student to study in Australia?

Answer: The average annual cost of education for international students studying in Australia is $20,000 (Australian dollars).

Average tuition is over $30,000. The number of units studied determines the amount of tuition fees in Australian universities.

The cost of a course is equal to eight full-time study units spread over two semesters.

How do international students apply to Australian universities?

Answer: International students usually apply directly to Australian colleges by mail or online. Another option is to contact an education agency in your country or an overseas representative of the institution to which you are applying.

Are Australian universities expensive for international students?

Answer: Australia is the most expensive destination for international students due to its high tuition fees and high living expenses.

An HSBC survey found that international students have to pay an average of $42,300 per academic year to study at Australian universities.

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