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Find out what makes Alexandra Hall the best student accommodation near Aberystwyth University!

Have you ever heard of a plastic-free university? Yes, Aberystwyth University has received this distinction. Located in the heart of the Welsh town of Aberystwyth, this public research institution aims to educate students and better prepare them for life in the modern world.

First-year students primarily reside in accommodation provided by Aberystwyth University. But as students move into the next year, many prefer to research off-campus living options. Although it is easy to get a dorm through the Aberystwyth University accommodation portal, private student accommodation in Aberystwyth has been growing in popularity over the years. Occupied is a marketplace offering hundreds of accommodation options in cities across the UK, including Aberystwyth.

A reasonably priced option for the facility-rich student accommodation near Aberystwyth university is Alexandra Hall. Let’s learn more about the characteristics of this fantastic place.

Proximity to educational institutions

This property is close to the primary education institution college and university. You can enjoy the advantage of never missing a conference. This house is only 12 minutes from Aberystwyth University and Marischal College. Aberystwyth University’s outstanding acceptance rate of 94% is something that makes it highly sought after by international students. It indicates that 94 applications out of 100 are accepted by this university.

This university is renowned for its world-class teaching and innovative research. Aberystwyth University’s ranking is 58th in the UK according to The Complete University Guide – University Ranking.

Visit this site to learn more about its 2023 fee structure. You can also search for fully funded college scholarships to help with your tuition.

Different room types

There is a wide range of rooms available at Alexandra Hall student residences, so you can choose one that suits your interests. The rent varies according to the type of room. Let’s check now.

  • The Bronze Plus Single Room is a cozy room with a lovely sea view! A comfortable 3ft bed, desk and study chair, wardrobe and drawers are included. The contemporary common area, which also has two toilets, is ideal for relaxing and cooking.
  • A Bronze Single Room includes a comfortable 3ft bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and drawers. The contemporary common area, which also has two toilets, is ideal for relaxing and cooking.
  • The bright and spacious Bronze Plus Double Room offers a beautiful view of the sea. It has a compact 4ft double bed, desk and study chair, closet and drawers for all your accessories. The contemporary common area, which also has two toilets, is ideal for relaxing and cooking.
  • Adjoining bathroom in bronze includes a comfortable 4 foot small double bed, desk and study chair, closet and drawers for all your belongings and a private bathroom. Stylish common space for relaxing and cooking.
  • The Silver Plus Ensuite bathroom is a spacious room with a beautiful view of Constitution Hill or the sea. It has an en-suite bathroom, a desk and chair for studying, a wardrobe and drawers. Modern common area for cooking and relaxing.
  • The Individual Money Plus Next, a spacious bedroom with stunning sea views. It has a single bed, desk and chair for studying, closet and drawers and a private bathroom. Attractive common area for cooking and relaxing.
  • The Gold Apartment offers a large bedroom/living room with a 4ft long compact double bed, desk and chair, sofa, TV, wardrobe and drawers in addition to a private kitchen and bathroom.
  • The Platinum Apartment offers a huge bedroom with a small 4-foot double bed, wardrobe and drawers as well as a separate kitchen and living room with a fully equipped kitchen, sofa and TV as well as a private bathroom with bath and shower above.

Outstanding Features

Great bedding amenities are available at Alexandra Hall, along with kitchen appliances like a microwave, electric stove, and refrigerator. You can keep your luggage in the storage cabin as you wish. The laundry will take care of all your washing problems.

You can use Wi-Fi for video calls, chat, movie streaming, and note taking. CCTV protects you from outside threats 24 hours a day. You can enjoy your weekends watching movies or TV programs on your bedroom TV. Since your rent already includes all utilities, you don’t have to worry about paying for them individually.

Well connected to transport services

You can take a train from Aberystwyth Central station and do a weekend trip to nearby towns like Dundee, or you can take a bus from a nearby bus stop, all accessible from the student accommodation. An Aberystwyth town taxi service is also available near this property.

Excellent location of Alexandra Hall student accommodation

This house is very well located. There are many Aberystwyth restaurants and bars in this well-known area, which is close to Alexandra Hall. Victoria Terrace and another well-known boulevard, which serve as a shopping and entertainment center in many cities, are nearby. Soak up all the luxuries of student life.

Book today!

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