Edwise International – Study Abroad Consultants: Top Courses to Watch for an Artistic Profession

For any aspirant to study abroad who has completed high school, there is always an excitement and a sense of dread where there is uncertainty about what comes next. STEM, Arts, Business, the list of choices is endless. One may also be perplexed as to which course of application will lead to balanced and lucrative career opportunities. Every high school faint ends up in the same vicious circle of questions about options and outcomes.

If you are passionate about adventure in the arts and still unsure if your career in the arts will pay well? The answer is yes!

Studying the arts is gradually becoming a coveted career alternative in the contemporary innovative world. Every year, institutions around the world receive many applications for admission to parallel courses in creative arts, design, theater, performing arts, etc.

It is a conventional belief that STEM careers offer a cut above pay, but a career in the arts is not only lucrative but opens up various avenues to explore. A career in the arts can certainly be liberating, fulfilling and just as rewarding.

Below are some of the best art courses that international students look forward to taking.

1. Dramatic Arts/Theatre

Theater is a comprehensive academic sphere of study exploring the role, functions, and operations of theater across different cultures and time periods. Students can study drama at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. The most advanced level of study is a doctorate, which usually takes about five years. Earning a degree in drama will allow you to work as an actor, director, music, film or television journalist, drama therapist, special effects technician, and more.

2. Performing arts

Performing arts is a branch of artistic study that spans a variety of disciplines including theatre, dance, and music. Performing arts students are educated, exposed, given the opportunity to make connections that help them stand out in an increasingly ambitious global industry. Most of the institutes offer students to pursue studies in performing arts at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Popular career options in this field include: community arts worker, stage manager, talent agent, etc.

3. Graphic design

The study of how information is communicated through visual content is what graphic design is all about. Some universities offer short, concentrated graphic design courses that normally require around three months of full-time study. Other ways to pursue graphic design are to undertake a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. As a graphic design graduate, one can occupy positions such as Concept artist, VFX artist, Creative director, etc.

4. Multimedia

Multimedia is a varied subject covering the application of a wide range of techniques to produce things like art and media. As a multimedia student, one learns how to create engaging and groundbreaking content using up-to-date techniques and state-of-the-art software. One can study a multimedia degree at different levels including undergraduate and postgraduate. Few of the most common roles for multimedia graduates include social media manager, marketing content creator, UX designer, online journalist, etc.

5. Photography

Pursuing a photography degree is perfect for aspirants who already possess a passion for the subject but want to work on improving their technique, experience, and career prospects. Studying a bachelor’s degree in photography abroad takes between three and four years, and a master’s takes between one and two years of study. Doctorates in photography are also available and last between three and four years. A photography graduate is eligible to fill the following roles: visual specialist, photojournalist, editor, freelance photographer, and more.

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