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Every Monday, first point publishes five points on a subject related to university life. This week, have you thought about studying abroad? It is an experience you will remember all your life…

A semester? You can spend a second year semester at one of our partner universities. This semester will serve as a replacement semester. You will follow modules that meet and complement the requirements of your regular degree. You will pay your regular tuition fees at the University of Worcester.

The first or second semester may be more suitable for you depending on your course.

A year? You can take your degree to a four-year degree and spend the third year abroad. For this option, you will spend years one, two and four in Worcester to complete your degree requirements. You will spend the third year abroad, either at one of our partner universities or doing an internship.

It’s a great way to broaden your experience and skills. You could learn a new language, earn a certificate in a specialized area within your field, or gain work experience.

One summer? You can attend a summer school at one of our partner or approved universities. Summer schools usually last between one and six weeks. Some focus on cultural experience, while others will focus on specific topics related to the course.

The International Experience team is setting up an exciting range of programs for summer schools in 2022 and information will be available towards the end of the year.

If you are interested, why not join the join the Study Abroad mailing list and the international mobility coordinator will be in contact.


The University of Worcester has partner universities in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. Where you can study will depend on your degree course and the length of your study period.

The school guides below list all of the partner institutions available to students at your school. Some universities will suit some courses better than others. It is stated in the guide that there are clear restrictions on course eligibility or length of study at each partner.

Destination guides:

Paramedic, nurses and midwives destinations

Business school destinations

Computing and Gaming Art Destinations

Destinations of art schools

Education School Destinations

Destinations of the School of Humanities

Psychology School Destinations

School of Science and Environment Destinations

School of Sport and Exercise Science Destinations


For a semester abroad and a third year abroad, you will:

  • Submit an application
  • Have a job interview
  • Discover the results
  • Be nominated at the partner university
  • Complete the university application file (registration for courses, registration for housing, etc.)
  • To go abroad!

An electronic version of ourstudy abroad application formis available for download here. The PDF can be completed digitally and can then be emailed to firstpoint or our International Experience team. first point is not accepting paper applications at this time, so please ensure you complete this digitally.


Applications for the first semester of the second year must be completed during your first year of study. Third-year applications abroad must be completed during your second year of study. For both opportunities, applications open on December 1 and close on January 31. You will be appointed in March and have a starting session in April or May. You will then go abroad in August or September of your third year.

Applications for the second semester of the second year must be completed during your first year of study. Application opens February 1 and all applications close March 31. You will be nominated and have a starting session in September. You will then go abroad in January, February or March of your second year.


Your tuition loans and loans or bursaries from Student Finance England, Wales or Northern Ireland can be used for your period of study abroad. The amount of maintenance funding you are entitled to will often increase during your study abroad period.

You are eligible for four years of funding from Student Finance England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you are spending your third year abroad, you will use your fourth year of eligibility. Student Finance will match your tuition loan based on that year’s fees. You will be eligible for the usual amount of the study abroad maintenance grant/loan.

For more information, seestudent finance england,student finance Walesandstudent finance northern ireland.

For other financing options, see the Study Abroad FAQs.

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