How much does it cost for international students to study in Canada?

How much does it cost for international students to study in Canada?

Cost For International Students To Study In Canada
Cost For International Students To Study In Canada

Canada has always been a popular study destination for Indian students due to its world-class education, renowned faculties, research facilities and work opportunities. Around 5 lakhs of study permits were issued in 2021. Another 65,200 study permits were issued in the first four months of 2022. No less than 3 Canadian universities are in the Top 100 QS World University Rankings 2022 ( University of Toronto: 26e Rank, McGill University: 27e Rank and University of British Columbia: Rank 46e). Canada is also emerging as one of the top educational destinations among English-speaking countries (US, UK, Australia). Although it offers the highest quality of education, the cost for international students to study in Canada from India is also one of the lowest among the best study abroad countries. Let’s discuss the cost for international students to study in Canada.

Why study in Canada?

  • Academic excellence
  • Extensive research opportunities
  • Affordable and economical course
  • Multicultural environment
  • Sixth peaceful country
  • Cheerful and lively campus
  • Immigration Opportunities

Types of Universities to Study in Canada from India

  • Public university: Public tuition fees universities in Canada are low because they are heavily subsidized by the government. Average fees start around 5,000 CAD per year and then increase.
  • Private university: Private colleges charge higher tuition fees than public universities (20,000 to 30,000 CAD) per year. You can manage higher tuition fees by taking a part-time job.

Cost of living and studying in Canada

  • Tuition fees to study in Canada- Tuition fees may vary from university to university depending on the course and duration. It can range from CAD 12,000 to 30,000 (INR 7 lakhs – around 20 lakhs for a student who wants Study in Canada from India) per year depending on the course. Tuition fees are the central element that determines the overall costs. Tuition fees for courses such as humanities and arts, education and others will be cheaper than expensive courses such as engineering and medicine. For postgraduate courses in management such as MBA, you have to spend a lot of money (30,000 to 45,000 CAD)
  • Living expenses- Living expenses vary from city to city. However, students should allocate a budget between 12,000 to 15,000 CAD (INR 7 lakhs to 9 lakhs) per year for his living cost. In order to support living expenses, a student may also work part-time during their studies.
  • Accommodation costs-
    • Student residences: 250-600 CAD/month
    • Host family organized by the university: 400 – 800 CAD/month

Sharing an apartment: 300 – 700 CAD/month

  • Additional costs associated with accommodation
  • Basic utilities (Electricity, water and garbage): 150 CAD/month
  • The Internet: 50-80 CAD/month
  • Food costs: Food bills will cost you around CAD 300/month at local supermarkets/grocery stores. Some of the cheapest supermarkets are Walmart, No Frills and Canadian Superstore. Eating at the restaurant will cost you between 10 and 25 CAD.
  • Transport costs: Students between the ages of 18 and 25 enrolled in a Canadian university course will receive discounts on monthly transportation passes. The ticket costs between 90 CAD/month.
  • Application fees: Often overlooked by most students and their parents, when planning study abroad in Canada. Each university or college charges an application fee for students in order to apply. Application fees vary from CAD 50 to 250 (INR 3000 to INR 15000 approximately) per application depending on the university applied and type of course chosen.
  • Entrance test fees: Students must take English proficiency tests such as TOEFL/IELTS, SAT for undergraduate programs and GRE/GMAT for graduate programs to study in Canada. The cost of these tests ranges from CAD 150 to 350 (INR 9000 to 21000 to study in Canada from India).
  • Visa fees: The cost of applying for a study permit for Canada is 150 CAD (about 9000 INR). These documents must be submitted during the visa application process:
    • University offer letter
    • Photocopy of passport
    • Proof of funds documents
  • Tuition fees for the popular undergraduate program
Disciplines Fees (CAD/Year) (Approx.)
Bachelor in Computer Science $1,535 – $55,000
Bachelor in Business Management $550 – $60,000
Bachelor of Technology $1,400 – $55,000
Bachelor of Natural Sciences $1,800 – $53,000
  • Tuition fees for popular graduate programs
Disciplines Fees (CAD/Year) (Approx.)
IT master $2,000 – $52,500
Master of Medicine $2,150 – $58,500
Master in Business Management $2,250 – $53,000
Master in Social Sciences $2,150 – $37,000
Master in Engineering $2,150 – $52,000
  • Canadian Universities with Affordable Tuition- Below is the list of universities with affordable tuition fees to study in Canada ranging from CAD 5,000 to CAD 11,000 per year. They have the lowest cost of education in Canada:
  • Scholarships for international students
Scholarships Amount (CAD)
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships CAD 50,000 per year
Humber College International Entrance Scholarship CAD 2000
Ontario Graduate Scholarship CAD 5,000 (per semester)
Waterloo Excellence Scholarship CAD 1,000
Ontario Trillium Scholarship CAD 40,000


If you are a student planning to study in Canada from India to complete your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, the first thing you need to do is an overall budget. The cost for international students to study in Canada will depend on many factors such as tuition, accommodation, cost of living, and transportation. Students should set appropriate goals and objectives to achieve while studying in Canada. If you liked this post, please share it.

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