Unexpected Adventure in Malmö – Through the Zoetrope

The weekend after the basics week was a great opportunity to travel as I only had some reading for Monday. Most of the DIS teachers are very aware of the study trips and make sure they have homework due before we leave. My roommate, another DIS student, and I decided to go to Malmö which is a must because it’s so close – the train ride from Copenhagen Central Station doesn’t even take an hour and costs around $14 each one way ticket. We didn’t leave the house early in the morning, but even half a day in Malmö makes for a great excursion, so don’t worry when you plan to visit! Even if you don’t rush it, you might end up having a roller coaster day like we did.

It all started off pretty quiet, although we all realized the train was crossing the Øresund, that none of us had data outside of Denmark. When we arrived the cobbled and cobbled streets were almost empty and the architecture was more modern than Copenhagen.

Øresund, or the strait, is the narrow strait separating Denmark and Sweden.
Pro tip: download the city map from Google Maps before you go to save data!

We’ve found great deals at thrift stores with a wide selection and affordable prices; take a pastry break at Hollandia, the oldest pastry shop in town; then we went to the main event of our trip: the disgusting food museum.

Some of the best pastries I’ve eaten this semester – don’t tell Emmerys.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, but that was just the beginning. More than a novelty, the Disgusting Food Museum has tackled topics like climate change and ends with a game of disgusting food bingo. The tasting starts with insects and ends with ridiculously spicy hot sauces that I chose because I’m not interested in torturing myself, believe it or not.

The label says:
Prize: Global Environment
Eating less meat and dairy is the best way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. Meat production is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all global transport pollution.
Keep refrigerated
Factory Raised Guaranteed

In my opinion, the cheeses were the worst – yes, even compared to fermented shark (Hákarl, courtesy of Iceland). I’m talking so hot they border BO. Luckily, sauerkraut juice is a surprisingly effective palette cleanser!

It might seem crazy to try all of these foods, but once you start, the staff keeps handing you samples and you’re on your way. Either way, trying new things is what study abroad is all about, right? I would recommend the museum. They also have a student discount for all the intrepid students studying abroad. Don’t break the sequence!

By the time we walked through the glass doors of the Disgusting Food Museum, lunch had gone well, but for some reason we couldn’t think of the food. After wandering around the city, we regained our appetites and opted for more familiar dishes – ramen! Pritha and I lacked soups and I lacked Asian ingredients in general, so we went to Ramen in Biiru recommended by this wonderful blog post by a local. We shared the mushroom ginger gyoza to start, and I had the veggie miso ramen.

The best vegetarian ramen I’ve ever had. There is also a location in Copenhagen!

After lunch, we drove through town to Ribersborgs Hundrastplats, a dog park, looking for a view of the Øresund.

View of Turning Torso from a park.

We passed Malmö Castle, a modest, low-rise brick structure, and came upon the city’s first splash of color: a small garden overflowing with one of my favorite flowers that herald the start of autumn, the dahlias! Please enjoy these photos:

Malmo Castle.

With our bellies full of herbal goodness and the disgusting food of our past, we watched the low northern sun reflect off the still water. Sky and water melted into a silvery blue expanse, and windmills spun in the distant mist. Ribersborgs Hundrastplats was covered in green grass, perfect for Frisbee, picnics and locals walking their dogs. So ended our first trip outside of Copenhagen.

Stay tuned for slower travel adventures! Thanks for reading.

– Zoe

Written from the future between Barcelona and Madrid.

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