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I’m finally catching up on all my blog posts! Let me set the scene for you — I’m currently writing this article at a cafe called Amélie, which is a French-themed cafe about a ten-minute walk from SIT. I ordered my cappuccino and am enjoying sitting here alone. Being alone is good preparation for the massive adventure I’m going to have in a few days, which I’m ridiculously excited for! Dad taught me that when you feel those butterflies in your stomach, the feeling is either nervousness or excitement, and the choice is yours. So when I feel these butterflies telling me I’m nervous, I correct them by saying I’m so excited! And I really am.

Amelie Cafe in Belgrade

Saturday October 29

Saturday I slept in and had another incredibly productive day. I studied Serbian, researched my full senior project, started filming a potential YouTube video, and worked on my final proposal for research methods. Then, to get into the spooky mood, I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show and Halloween Town. It was precisely what I needed – a weekend where I could just relax.

Sunday October 30

Sunday I did some extra homework (there was clearly a theme this weekend) and FaceTimed with mom and dad. I was also able to chat briefly with Nana, which was wonderful. Less than seven short weeks now until I’m home!! I can’t wait for it to happen over Christmas — the festivities, the family, the food. I did some final revisions for my Serbian final, although I didn’t need much because I had been studying all week. It was good to feel confident before the final.

monday 31 october

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Morgan! 🥳

My Serbian final was on Halloween – nothing scarier – but I took it in the morning and felt really good which was awesome! Then my day was clear and I had done a lot of work last week on my final proposal, which is due Thursday, so I went to a cafe with Lauren, Austin and Emily to do some work on the readings for my full senior. It was a nice way for me to spend the evening, and nice to get out of the house, since I had been there all weekend.

I got home and Ceca ordered me a Halloween lasagna, so luckily I was able to continue the tradition (27 this year, dad right?). I felt a bit depressed that I couldn’t have a regular Halloween this year, but I watched Hocus Pocus and Haunted house to stay in a spooky mood. Then, while I was watching the movies, the doorbell rang, and there were trick-or-treaters! We didn’t have any candies, and Ceca told me that was the first time there were candies on her doorstep. I had forgotten that it’s the best part of Halloween once you grow up – watching a movie and waiting for the tricksters to pass. They don’t sell Halloween candy here, so I don’t know what candy the kids get, but anyway, it was fun to see them in their costumes! I’m happy to be in the US for Halloween next year.

tuesday november 1

And just like that, it’s November! I’m officially coming home next month. That’s crazy. I love November 1 – for me, it’s like autumn really begins. We’ve already had daylight saving time here, so it gets dark around 4:30-5pm, and winter is definitely coming. On Tuesday I went to SIT during office hours (which I honestly probably didn’t need, but hey) then went to a coffee shop where I wrote this blog post and enjoyed my cappuccino.

I worked most of the day on my final article for RME, then chatted with Ari, June and Morgan on FaceTime, which was really fun!

Wednesday, November 2

On Wednesday we had an office hour for Serbian to pick up our tests and then our final research methods course. After class, we all went out for lunch together before heading out for our separate mid-semester breaks. After lunch I came home and watched The sound of music while planning my trip! I got everything ready, then talked to mom briefly before going to bed.

Tomorrow is mid-semester vacation, and I’m going to travel to… Prague and Vienna! I’m having my first solo travel experience and I’m beyond excited! Everything is planned and I can’t wait to go. I will do my next post after I return to Belgrade on Monday. Let the adventure begin…

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