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Your sophomore or third year of college is an exciting time to select new student accommodation in Newcastle. You have the freedom to move to a home of your choice and live with whoever you want. Residences are nice, but they don’t offer the same level of comfort or independence as choosing your own student apartment.

Student accommodation in Newcastle

First, know some essential facts about the name “Newcastle”. You will hear the name Newcastle in other countries including Australia, Ireland and Jamaica. Here we refer to the divided city of Newcastle in the UK. Newcastle-Under-Lyme is one, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne is another. In Staffordshire, England, Newcastle-under-Lyme is a market town and the seat of the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme. The city’s population in 2011 was 75,082, while the population of the wider borough in 2016 increased from 123,800 to 128,264.

Newcastle upon Tyne, often known as Newcastle, is a city and metropolitan municipality in the Tyne and Wear region of England. The city, which comprises the majority of the built-up area of ​​Tyneside, is located on the north bank of the river. Both regions are home to excellent universities, including Newcastle University, Northumbria University and Newcastle College which welcomes a large number of international students every year.

As a result, we can conclude that it is an important city in UK that offers excellent facilities in a wide area. The question at hand is a good place to stay. For that, Occupied offers a variety of student accommodation options in Newcastle. They independently check each accommodation with a hundred percent level of security. However, there are a few considerations to take into account when selecting the ideal location for student accommodation in Newcastle.

1. Location of student accommodation

The choice of housing location is crucial because moving away from the student neighborhoods of any city can be an easy way to end one’s social life. Location can make or break your social life. Your evenings won’t be as enjoyable as they once were if you have a tight budget to maintain and taxi fares are factored in. Or what they might be if you live in a student neighborhood. On the plus side, there won’t be a mess to clean up the next morning because your apartment or house is less likely to become the home of the party.

Moving to a location far from the university can make it more difficult for you to arrive on time for lectures and classes. The location can benefit your academic career. especially if you frequently use public transport. Your education may suffer. Determining on foot a property close to the institution can be a wise decision. Newcastle city centre, St. James Park, gray street, Grainger’s Market and The Laing Art Gallery are the best places to live.

2. Security and safety of housing

Living abroad raises fundamental safety and security concerns. Take good care of the accommodation facility which guarantees your safety and security. Now, since you’re sitting far away, that’s not possible, so you need a trustworthy organization, and Occupied meets these standards. Newcastle offers a wide variety of possibilities, which is essential in terms of security. so that your personal belongings are not damaged. Moreover, as long as you are there, the objects present can be safe; otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences of any harm.

In addition, contents insurance ensures that the properties are ready in the event of a natural disaster like fire or anything else, thus avoiding any effect on you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, student lifestyles make them unfortunate targets for thieves and criminals, with approximately one-third of students becoming victims of crime while in college. Since most college students own a cell phone and some type of laptop, PC, or tablet, they are easy targets for thieves and burglars with almost certain high rewards.

3. Importance of Wifi or internet connection to stay in touch

A strong and reliable INTERNET CONNECTION was chosen by the students as the most crucial criterion. Being confident in your accommodation’s ability to provide a reliable internet connection is crucial, especially if you like to study from the comfort of your bedroom. Downing uses Ocxee.coma dedicated managed internet service, to provide students in particular with an award-winning online environment with round-the-clock support.

An enhanced level of connectivity is provided by a managed WiFi system. Cloud-managed Wi-Fi reinforces an already existing cell phone and internet connection, making access easier. As long as you have internet access, you can stay in touch with your loved ones even when you are away from home. Since ISD calls are quite expensive in this scenario, the only way to communicate with your loved ones is online.

4. A place to stay with a welcoming atmosphere

70% of students felt it was extremely important to have friendly and approachable staff in their accommodation. Your accommodation staff will play an important role in ensuring that you are comfortable and satisfied while you are invited there. When you go to inspect a property, it can be a good idea to take a moment to talk to them, or you can ask a current tenant what they think of the employees. Welcoming staff can have a significant impact on how quickly you settle into your new home. The staff will also be organizing activities and icebreakers, so be sure to ask about the social calendar too!

However, even if you don’t know the person sitting across from you, you can still determine whether a particular housing facility has a pleasant atmosphere or not. You can check student reviews for this. You can search consulting services if you are still unsure.

5. Availability of work and rest

Working part-time while in school could be a great answer if you’re tired of your current financial situation. A part-time job may not pay as much as a a full-time job, but it can help pay for some of your education and cover some of your living expenses. Hence, it is a crucial consideration when choosing a student accommodation option. Please check if the property is close to part-time employment opportunities. If so, you need to make a decision.

COMMUNAL AMENITIES, according to nearly 65% ​​of students, was a very essential consideration when making housing decisions. A fantastic way to socialize and meet new people is to have a shared space, like a common room, gym, or movie theater. We advise you to check all the common rooms of your accommodation, including the laundry room, if you have the opportunity, to ensure that they are well maintained.

6. Select accommodation types

Halls of residence are just one of the many accommodation options available to students in Newcastle. Plus, there are opportunities for purpose-built studios, suites, apartments, and other student accommodation if you don’t want to live on campus. Only you have to determine which aspect will work best for your budget. OR where the feature catches your eye.

Ocxee markets itself to the global student population. Its studios, which have a double bed, en-suite shower, 40-inch SMART TV, modest kitchenette and desk for studying, start at £77 a week (more if you want pay in multiple times). To be fair, the cost includes free use of the bikes as well as WiFi, cleaning, insurance and electricity costs. Not to mention the breakfast to go on weekdays.

PBSA is accommodation created especially for students by private developers. It usually takes the form of cluster apartments (many rooms with shared kitchens and living areas) or private studios, both of which have attached leisure facilities and, these days, “cool” bonuses like cinemas , gymnasiums and game rooms.

7. Invoices

Whether the invoices are complete or not is one of the key factors to consider. Because you only have to worry about making one payment and it’s easier to coordinate between roommates, included bills are often less stressful to deal with. Do not worry; Ocxee will find the best and most reliable service providers for you and combine all your bills into one simple payment.

This eliminates the need for awkward discussions between roommates about who pays the electric bill or how much the gas bill is. This way, you can benefit from one manageable expense each month and spend more time enjoying student life!

Make sure you sign your contract with a REPUTABLE AND EXPERIENCED ENTITY. You can feel safe knowing that you are in safe hands choosing a reputable and competent organization. For example, a company that has been in business for a long time would have gained invaluable expertise that can help make your stay enjoyable right down to the comfort of your bed.

When selecting the ideal student accommodation in Newcastle for you, I hope these top seven suggestions will make your decision much easier.

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