New rule on part-time work in Canada as of November 2022

New rule on part-time work in Canada as of November 2022

New rule on part-time work in Canada as of November 2022

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced that the cap of 20 hours of work per week offered to students pursuing their studies in Canada will be temporarily lifted. Students continuing their studies can now work part time jobs in canada for a number of hours. International students in Canada on a study visa that allows off-campus employment are not subject to the 20 hours Part-time work rule in Canada from November 15, 2022 to December 31, 2023. The Interim Regulations will also apply to foreign nationals seeking part time jobs in canada and have already applied for a study permit, provided their application is accepted. Remember that foreign nationals who interrupt their studies or reduce their course load to study part-time are not authorized to work off campus. Additionally, IRCC will launch a pilot project later this month to automate the processing of study permit extensions, which should speed up the processing of extension requests and improve customer service. The government claims that these actions are part of several programs aimed at helping international students and addressing the labor shortage in Canada by removing the 20-hour cap so that more and more interest is raised for part-time jobs for students in Canada. They come after recent changes to education standards for some Express Entry applicants seeking permanent residency in Canada and new employment benefits for former international students.

Let’s talk now part time jobs for students in canada! Students who prefer to work while studying in Canada are exposed to a variety of job opportunities available there, as well as hands-on experience while pursuing their studies. Now, thanks to new rule on part-time work in Canada, international students have a great opportunity to work in Canada without worrying about the hour limit that was previously in place. Some universities still advise students enrolled in difficult courses that require intense concentration not to work more than 20 hours a day.

Part-time jobs in Canada are generally paid on an hourly basis. On average, they are paid 10 CAD per hour. Certain jobs that require you to assist your university professor do not require a study work permit. This job also helps you build trust and an extensive network within the university, which can help you land a professorship or any future academia-related job. These on-campus jobs pay less, but they also allow students to work longer hours without interfering with their studies. As mentioned earlier, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Mr. Sean Fraser, recently announced a new rule for part time jobs in canada, resulting in the removal of the 20-hour cap until December 2023. It is estimated that as a result of this decision, more than 400,000 students in Canada will be able to work more hours. It will also increase the number of part time jobs for students in canada, contributing to the current labor shortage in the country. Many international students studied in Canada in 2021, most of them coming from India. Compared to the number of study permits processed during the same period last year, Fraser said Canada had processed more than 4.52 lakh study permit applications since January, a remarkable increase. by 23%. Canada is experiencing record unemployment rates and labor shortages. The Canadian government has eased regulations for just over a year to lessen the impact on its economy in light of nearly 10 lakh job vacancies. The vast majority of the large number of immigrants who obtained citizenship last year belonged solely to this group. More than 4,000,000 international students studying in Canada will now have the opportunity to work longer hours.

Now let’s see how to find a part-time job in Canada

On-campus job openings are posted on notice boards at all colleges and universities across Canada. There are also many websites that offer details of comparable job openings with a good hourly wage. You can work as a babysitter or swim instructor at a college pool or on the beach, as well as bookstores, libraries, and other retail locations like clothing or sporting goods stores. You can work as a translator if you speak several languages. The services of a translator are frequently required in Canada due to the heterogeneity of its society.

The best part-time jobs in Canada and their pay

The salary for a part-time job can change depending on the tasks they receive. Students are paid hourly for a part-time job, which is around 10 CAD/hour, while the average hourly wage for a part-time job is 22 CAD. Also, the salary for a part-time job can vary from city to city.

Part-time jobs Pay by the hour in CAD
Mathematics and science tutor $19
Food delivery driver $24
Caretaker $20
Cleaner $20
Customer Service Representative $15
The cashier $15
Restaurant team member $21
web designer $24
To cook $18
Command Builder $19

Visa for part-time work

The S-1 and SW-1 visas have distinct differences that students should understand.

The S-1 visa is a student-only visa.

The SW-1 visa is a work and study visa (given to those who have a compulsory job, internship or co-op program that requires work credits) During semesters, you are allowed to work on an S visa -1 up to 20 hours per week (part-time). Full-time employment is permitted throughout the vacation period. Additionally, if you locate a co-op, you can upgrade your S-1 visa to an SW-1 visa without paying any additional fees.


We hope that by writing this blog, we have been able to inform you about the new rule on part-time employment in Canada while helping you learn part time jobs in canada and various well-known part-time jobs.

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