When in Rome! – Looking for Fika

For travel week 1 I didn’t have a class trip and met my dad to go to Rome!! Italy has been on our list for years, so we were excited to go. It was just amazing.

We arrived late Monday evening and after waiting in a very long line of taxis, we got pasta to take away from Pasta Imperial and walked to his bed. We chose to stay in an Airbnb to be close to the action, but I have to warn you that the street outside is so noisy we barely slept (the location was worth it in my opinion).

Day 1 : Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain

Tuesday was our first official day in Rome! For breakfast, we headed to Coromandel. They had amazing french toast, but I highly recommend booking ahead as we saw a lot of people being turned away without a reservation!

Then we headed to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon! Everything was so beautiful, and my dad and I both felt there was just too much to photograph here.

We went to lunch at Osteria da Fortunata, which was highly recommended on TikTok. I must say I definitely give it my thumbs up, but you should go for lunch instead of dinner to avoid a long wait. They even made fresh pasta in the middle of the restaurant!!

Although it is October, the tourist season is still relatively high here. I thought it wouldn’t be fair to skip the Trevi Fountain, so we braved the crowds to see this iconic Rome must-see (it’s also cool to see at night, and usually less crowded).

After dinner we were looking for a traditional ice cream. We went to the Frigidarium, recommended by a friend of mine who studied abroad in Rome this summer. We didn’t have any other gelato so I have nothing to compare, but it was really good! !

Day 2: Colosseum, Palantine Hill, Roman Forum

We started the morning with a coffee at Bar Amore di Zucca Fabio, which was amazing! It was full of locals and had the best coffee and pastries I’ve had so far. (I recommend trying to find restaurants and cafes with locals, which usually means avoiding things near major tourist sites)

We booked a Colosseum guided tour which was a game changer as we were able to skip the line. Our guide actually had a PhD in archeology and was able to tell us all about the stones and the preservation process, so cool!!

Then we were on our own to walk around the Palantine hill (where the emperors lived) and the Roman forum. It was a lot of walking (10 km), but super interesting to see the ruins of the city and imagine what it looked like!

For dinner we headed to Osteria del Sostegno, which was literally located in an alley. Nevertheless, it was definitely one of the best meals we had in Rome! Highly recommend the cacio e pepe and the insalatina di spinaci. (However, I don’t recommend the tiramisu, trust me)

Day 3: Vatican

For our last day in Rome, we took a guided tour of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. I have to say if you come to Rome this is something not to miss but book a tour in advance unless you want to spend hours waiting in line (I never saw a line longest wait of my life). There is so much more to the Vatican Museum than I expected, and the whole building is truly a work of art. I have never seen anything like it.

After the tour, we had a quick lunch and headed to what the internet claimed was the “best tiramisu in Rome” at Pompi. They have tons of different flavors, but we opted for the classico, hazelnut, and salted caramel. My dad proclaimed it to be the best tiramisu he’s had in his life, which is a huge compliment. I can only recommend this place!!

For dinner we went to East Arigiani del Gusto, which was easily our best meal. If you like truffles, you will love everything on this menu. I’m hungry just thinking about it. This is another place I don’t recommend jumping.

Back home 😦

I’m writing this blog post at the airport, after catching a taxi very early. It has truly been one of the most amazing trips of my life. I reflected on the person I was two months ago when I arrived in Stockholm, and I now have such a level of independence and confidence that I never expected. I don’t regret for a second my decision to study abroad – if you’re undecided, I urge you to take your chance and do it. Ciao for now!

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