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According to UNESCO 2019, 5.3 million international students decide to study abroad every year. This raises the question of why so many students choose to study abroad. Use this list of the top 10 reasons to study abroad to help you decide if this is the right step for you, whether you’re considering undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studies.

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1. Experience a top-notch education

The UK, USA, Australia and Canada are some of the most popular study abroad destinations. This is mainly due to the excellent education provided with distinctive lifestyles, climates and ecosystems. With the importance of education and programs offered, these countries are home to many of the best universities in the world. Therefore, attending a university abroad may be the best choice for your future if the education system in your home country is not up to scratch.

2. Acquire cultural knowledge

Students who travel abroad to study are often captivated by many aspects of their new surroundings. The majority of people frequently adapt to their new culture like a duck to water, whether it’s a new cuisine, an event or a custom! Travelers will also find that they embrace different cultures in ways that are hard to explain. Studying abroad is likely to leave you with a greater appreciation and understanding of the locals and their history, giving you a new perspective on life as a whole. You will observe how other people approach situations in a way that may not be typical in your home country.

3. Grow

One can develop their adaptability and initiative in different conditions by studying abroad. Being abroad can be intimidating, and sometimes certain things make us feel uncomfortable. Being able to adapt sooner rather than later requires a certain type of personality, but for those who are, it’s rewarding in many ways. You may notice that living abroad both improves your social skills and increases your level of independence.

4. Create lasting friendships

Meeting new international acquaintances who will become companions for life is one of the main advantages of studying abroad. You will take courses and stay on campus with students from your host country. This allows you to build relationships with your fellow students over several weeks and get to know them personally, which can come in handy in the future. Stay in touch with your new acquaintances after the end of your study abroad program.

5. Job Opportunities

Your graduate work assistant and job prospects will benefit from the skills you have developed and learned while living abroad. On your CV, you could attract the attention of employers by presenting yourself as an international student. Living abroad gives you the experience of dealing with people from different cultures and demonstrates a higher level of adaptability, both attractive characteristics for employers.

6. Practice your language skills

The best method to fully learn a language is to study abroad. Although you have plenty of opportunities during your time abroad to put your language skills to use in more informal situations, you can also look for opportunities to learn more formally. In addition to solo language lessons taught by teachers trained outside the university system, foreign universities frequently offer language lessons to international students who want to learn more about the local language and culture.

7. A great time to travel and explore your dreams

It might sound like a wonderful opportunity to study abroad, whether in the UK, USA or elsewhere, especially if you’ve always wanted to travel but haven’t had the chance. Try activities like rock climbing and visit museums to feel more engaged in their journey while having a lot more fun along the way. Spend time learning things that fit your personality better.

8. How to earn money while studying

You might need extra money when you study abroad. Most countries allow international students to find employment while studying. You can work part-time. With this sum, you will learn how to budget your expenses and earn money. You will find this experience very beneficial. You will develop time and money management skills.

9. Develop more flexibility

Traveling always changes your way of thinking, even if you are not aware of it. Your flexibility and adaptability increase. Because study abroad lasts almost as long as vacations, it makes them stronger. You develop your navigation skills in a new school, a new city, a new nation and a new social environment. Your approach to problem solving will be different. Your thinking will grow through your studies abroad. You will learn to adapt to new circumstances when your problem solving methods change.

10. Develop a worldview

You will use your new global perspective to support your arguments, shape your opinions and guide your future after your studies abroad. You will appreciate the little things more. It is a life changing event. Even if your friends are tired of hearing about it, the memories you made while studying abroad will last a lifetime.

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