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Have you chosen your major and your higher education institution in the UK? Next, let’s start making reservations for travel, accommodation, and other crucial items that will make your life easier than cheese. Let’s begin the journey to your desire for land by taking the first step, the journey. In this article, we have included the best travel apps that international students can use in the UK to gain tremendous benefit.

Student accommodation in London

1. Ocxed – For Travel and Lodging

If you need accommodation, transportation services and air tickets, Ocxee is your one-stop-shop. Everything is available on this platform. Get the most incredible savings on travel needs with free round-the-clock assistance. Simply submit your flight reservation date request to receive all the information and financial savings anywhere in the world. This will make the flight more comfortable. Get values ​​on taxi bookings when you use this site pick-and-drop service. You can simply trust these resources as they are all verified. Enjoy a hassle-free life while studying in the UK with Ocxee.

Download Ocxee for free on the App store and google play.

2. Hopper – For flight booking

The Hopper flight booking app can be useful if you are trying to decide whether to buy that plane ticket right away or wait to see if the price drops. You can add your planned trip to the app and get reminders on when to buy your cheapest ticket and book your flight directly through the app. Hopper is a great option for travelers with a flexible schedule because it displays price differences on its calendar using color codes. The most affordable days to travel are shown in green, followed by light orange, coral and red.

Download Hopper for free at App store and google play.

3. Google Map – For navigation

With over 220 nations and territories mapped, the Google Maps app can be useful almost anywhere. You will never get lost in a new city using the driving, walking, biking and public transport routes or even on your own. Other app features include street view and live view choices, indoor maps of select airports and malls, and offline maps. Be sure to download your favorite map portions before traveling for offline connectivity.

Download Google Maps for free at App store and google play.

4. TripIt to plan a trip

You can manage all of your travel-related reservations, including those for accommodations, airlines, and other services, using TripIt. All of your travel-related information can be easily transferred using the software, which also organizes it on a calendar so you always know what’s going on while you’re on vacation. All your reservations are accessible online and offline whenever you need them. You can travel in a group or with your loved ones. The app manages your ground transportation, boat and train travel, and home rental confirmations, in addition to managing your hotel and flight reservations.

It costs £38 per year and offers additional features such as tracking miles and frequent flyer points, local traffic conditions when traveling to the airport and live flight monitoring.

Download TripIt for free on the App store and google play.

5. XE – For exchange rate

XE Currency will display conversion rates for over 150 different currencies, helping you avoid fraud when exchanging money. You can track ten different currencies at once, create alerts to receive messages when the value of your currency changes, and view historical rate information. If you’re traveling to a new country and don’t have a data connection, you can also check the latest rates offline. The best time to use the app is right before exchanging money. You can determine if the rate offered to you is reasonable this way. The software allows you to transfer and receive money in multiple currencies.

Download XE for free at App store and google play.

6. – For Hotel Booking

The app makes it quick and easy to find and book accommodations in thousands of places around the world. Using the app even has another advantage. One of the most lucrative loyalty programs available is offered by, which offers a free hotel room for every 10 nights booked. However, a £4 charge applies if you want to use your free night on the website. While it’s not an absurdly high price, will waive it if you book your price night through the app.

Download for free at App store and google play.

These 6 apps in particular can make travel much easier. Consider leaving your laptop at home and using one of these helpful apps to help you out instead, whether you need lounge access, flight planning tools, flight swapping, etc. money, packing aid or anything else.

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