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Many students today want to study abroad for undergraduate studies. The wide range of varied subjects, availability of some of the best degree courses, flexible course duration and curriculum with more hands-on training, etc., make it a worthy study abroad experience.

The United States has been the number one study abroad destination among international students for many years, followed by study in the UK in 2022-23. The reason for the popularity of these countries is that some of the best universities are located in these two countries.

Deciding which course to take abroad after high school can be overwhelming with so many undergraduate course options available. Let’s discuss top 5 popular courses to study abroad that are also in demand.

1. Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

There are many universities abroad offering a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology for international students.

Computer Science is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in India and abroad in recent years. To be admitted to this course abroad, you must have passed the 10 + 2 examination of a recognized board with mathematics, physics and chemistry as main subjects with the marks required by specific universities. If you are interested in terms like logic and algorithms then this course is for you.

With a high demand for automation and the use of technology all over the world, this sector is growing exponentially and has the ability to develop further, which also means that IT and technology is one of the majors. most popular for studying after high school. If you complete a bachelor’s degree in these subjects, you could be employed as a-

  • Web developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • business analyst
  • Product manager

You can also choose to specialize in a given subject to become a Data Scientist or an AI and Machine Learning Engineer.

2. Bachelor of Commerce and Management

The second subject of take undergraduate courses abroad include a bachelor’s degree in commerce and management. It was in the past that the MBA was the only option to pursue if someone was interested in business or entrepreneurship.

If one wants to be an entrepreneur or anyone related to business today, this undergraduate degree can take you to great places. Business and management is a broad discipline that includes over 11,000 study options.

Bachelor of Business and Management course mainly includes administration, marketing, finance and accounting and after studying it you can be employed as-

  • Administrator
  • market researcher
  • Accounting
  • Tax consultant
  • Financial Advisor

3. Bachelor of Laws

There is a boom in students wishing to pursue law studies at law schools abroad. It has been one of the most attractive undergraduate degree options preferred by international students for many years.

The best law schools are mainly located in two top destinations, the United States and the United Kingdom. The top five universities to study law abroad are Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Stanford. We can also consider other countries as study law in canadaAustralia, France and Ireland for earning a bachelor’s degree from top colleges.

Some key benefits of studying a law degree abroad are

  • Global exposure leading to more job opportunities abroad.
  • Opportunity to practice law in other countries, such as the country in which you are studying.
  • Shorter duration.

4. Bachelor of Nutrition and Physiotherapy

Medicine is one of the best choices and could never go out of style. The world will always need doctors. The medical degree is a broad subject offering various courses under it.

Subjects such as traditional human medicine and disciplines such as nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, yoga, etc. are also in demand abroad.

Some of the best medical job profiles include-

  • Consulting physiotherapist
  • Clinical researcher
  • sports nutritionist
  • Public Health Nutritionist
  • Nutritionist

5. Bachelor of Fine Arts

If students are interested in creative subjects such as music, painting, etc., fine arts is the course for them. study abroad in 2022-23. In fact, if they find themselves confused between being a dancer, designer, writer, or something on creative lines, this course is just for students like them.

Depending on their interests, students can choose any Bachelor of Arts undergraduate course in Filmmaking, Writing, Acting, and many more.

After completing these courses, students could work in:

  • Art workshops
  • Graphic arts
  • Paint
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Cinema/Theater
  • Animation/ Multimedia

Once you are sure of the course to study abroad after high school, find the university and country that suits you best and within your budget. And if you are confused or have further questions about the course and need help advice for a study trip abroad, do not hesitate to contact us at +918530490888 or by mail at

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