Best Education Consultants in India

Best Education Consultants in India

Best Education Consultants in India

Planning to study abroad could significantly increase your career opportunities. Today, employers are increasingly prioritizing applicants who have overseas teaching experience. To achieve your goal of studying abroad, you must seek the help of the best education consultants in India. They have the expertise to sort out all admissions processes in foreign universities. Education Consultants Abroad (AEC) is one of the best education consultants in India that has the scale and expertise to help students gain admission into the best universities in the world.

About Education Abroad (AEC) Consultants

Established in 2006, education consultants abroad (AEC) is one of the best accomplished education consultants in India. With over 19,000 success stories to boast and an astounding 99% visa success rate, AEC remains the top education consultant in Delhi and India. Through well-known links with foreign universities, the AEC has helped students secure scholarships worth US$15 million. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Piyush Agarwal and Mr. Mohit Agarwal, a strong team of 70 members works around the clock to help students achieve their dreams.

Why choose an educational adviser abroad (AEC)?

  • Support in the best educational choices.
  • Selection of courses and countries
  • Scholarship assistance and visa processing
  • Assistance with visa application
  • Education loan assistance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) help students prepare LORs, CVs and SOPs?

Academic advisors at Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) help students write a strong personal statement, prepare the documents needed to submit the application, and help them update their CVs to meet admissions criteria. In addition, the AEC provides them with guidance to prepare a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and Statement of Intent (SOP) in accordance with the prescribed format.

2. Does Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) offer IELTS training?

Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) does not offer direct IELTS/TOEFL training for English proficiency test preparation. However, AEC has links with IELTS exam preparation institutes and helps students connect with them for test preparation.

3. How can I be informed of upcoming international education fairs?

You can always visit our website or our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and find out about upcoming international education fairs that we are organizing. Alternatively, you can visit our office and register for the event.

Benefits of Choosing Overseas Education Consultants (AEC)

Education abroad is one of the most important decisions an individual can make and their choice will decide their future and success. Abroad Education Consultant (AEC) is one of the best well-known education consultants that provides you with the following benefits:

  • Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) will analyze your inclinations, skills and personality to advise you on the best career prospects and goals.
  • You don’t have to worry about the latest developments in education abroad. AEC will guide you with the most reliable information.
  • The AEC has all the information and collaborations with foreign universities to help you get the seat.
  • AEC will assist you in all overseas admission interview processes.
  • Financial aid and a scholarship for study abroad are also provided.
  • AEC will provide you with all the course material for the IELTS/TOEFL test preparations.
  • Free visa advice and a training simulation for visa interviews are also provided.
  • AEC also offers a pre-departure briefing and post-arrival assistance.

What customers are saying!

I applied for my higher education program with AEC and it was an amazing trip, the team is positive, helpful and very supportive. And especially my advisor Tammana Jaisingh, was hardworking and prompt with all the processes and blockages I faced. She, along with the team did a commendable job.

Thanks –

Riya Jain

AEC (New Delhi) was a very helpful organization in helping me with my admission to UK university. I would like to thank my advisor, Tamanna, for helping me get into my dream master’s program, for which I will be forever grateful. She was an excellent advisor who guided me through the application process. From helping me with my SOP to helping me with my accommodation request, it has been a hassle free trip. I also want to thank Akash for guiding me through my visa process. I would highly recommend the AEC to any student wishing to study in the UK.

Thank you – Chandni Sehgal

Best Education Consultants in Delhi

Abroad Education Consultants (AEC), is one of the best and most trusted education consultants in Delhi. Since its inception in 2006, AEC has been a pioneer in providing a one stop solution for all your global education needs. With over 19,000 success stories to its credit, AEC has placed students in every popular destination around the world like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. AEC, one of the best education consultants in Delhi, is shaping the lives and careers of aspiring students across India.

Services provided:

  • Career choice based on student profile
  • Error-free application preparation
  • Education loan assistance
  • Aid for international scholarships
  • Visa advice and mock interviews
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Pre-departure and travel assistance arrangement

Best Education Consultants

With a presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland, Education Consultants Abroad (AEC) remains the ideal choice for the best education consultants to students, from admission to visa, accommodation and paperwork. Let’s take a look at our set of student support services for studying abroad:

  • Vocational guidance- Assistance in choosing the right course and the right college.
  • Framing- Help provided in IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and SAT tests.
  • SOP/LOR- Preparation of SOP/LOR to strengthen your application.
  • Admission- Full support throughout the admissions process.
  • Visas- Expert advice in obtaining visas.
  • Job Search- Job search assistance after course completion.

Best Advice for USA in India

Overseas Education Counseling (AEC) is one of the best consulting firm for USA in India, focusing mainly on education in USA. We provide hassle-free guidance and counseling for prospective Indian students in US universities. We have helped thousands of students get placed in American universities. Today, the AEC has ties with many top universities in the United States, such as the University of California, Colorado State University, and Yale University. Being the best consulting firm for USA in India, get in touch with us today.


Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) bundles all of our overseas education consulting services into one package so that it provides you with great value and convenience. The package includes student advising, course selection, document submission, entrance exam coaching and student visa application.

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