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When someone first enrolls in a study abroad program in the UK, they may have many preconceived expectations. International students arrive at their colleges of choice with big hearts, eager anticipation for the upcoming semester, and open eyes.

But it’s easy to feel overloaded when surrounded by a multitude of official documents, application forms, information brochures and testimonials from former students who have successfully studied abroad.

Do not panic.

However, keep in mind that things go wrong and it is essential to be prepared when they do happen. You have been told before, and you will be told again, that you are here for the time of your life. Do your research thoroughly and talk to your student advisor, but keep in mind that they don’t know everything.

So, before you go, here is some information on study abroad in uk that they probably forgot to tell you:

Relive the first week

The majority of students believe that regardless of the institutions they have chosen, they can enjoy living in a social club in their first year. However, they do not know that these services are chargeable. Although you may not have a lot of classes, if you join a society, you will undoubtedly be at university (the British nickname). Here, corporations play an important role in your experience. You are free to register as much as your schedule allows and participate whenever you want.

Typically, joining a society costs just over £5 ($6.50), which entitles you to membership for a full year. These organizations can focus on particular sports, fandoms, hobbies, etc. Rugby and Quidditch are examples of sports, and more artistic societies might include cheese appreciation or art.

In addition to their monthly college meetings, these societies organize events like pub crawls, contests, and even society balls! Societies are a great opportunity to meet people and learn more about campus life at your host university.

The notes of a single article are sufficient

As a student, you will find that the UK values ​​independence more than others. You will typically have assignments due each week at US institutions, as well as tests and exams spread throughout the semester.

However, outside of the classroom, you are likely to spend a lot of time in independent study in the UK, reading and researching the topics covered in class, but perhaps not necessarily doing assignments that need to be submitted. . Due dates keep you from slipping, so you’ll need to be great at time management and setting your deadlines. In the UK it is quite unusual for your final grade to be determined by a single paper or test.

Rating system

While studying in the UK, you find that your first exam has been assessed and you have achieved 70%. You regret receiving a C until you find out that the grading system in the UK is different. Anything 70% or more deserves an A in the UK! The remainder of the balance is:

  • 60-69% = B
  • 50-59%=C
  • 40-49% = D
  • 39% and below = FAIL

But make no mistake. This does not mean that succeeding at a UK university is any easier. A’s are only given to work that really stands out, and grading can be quite difficult.

Food is not free

If you’re studying at a UK university, consider a few factors when choosing your meals. You will need to purchase and prepare your food as UK institutions do not offer meal plans. There are cafes on college campuses, but you have to pay to eat there. With your student card, you can often get student discounts, lunch specials, and even free access to clubs and events in most college towns.

Shopping and Entertainment

Supermarkets in the UK offer a range of prices for groceries. While Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Marks & Spencer are often more expensive, Lidl, Asda, Tesco and Aldi are cheaper options.

You’ve probably heard that the legal drinking age in the UK is 18, so while you’re studying there you’ll be able to drink legally depending on where you’re from, this might be your first time you are allowed to do it! There are always groups that enjoy these activities to varying degrees, so no one will think less of you if you don’t want to drink or it’s not your main goal. There is always another society you can join to pass the time.

Discounts on student travel

A network of buses and railways provide efficient public transport throughout the UK. There are many transport offers by bus, train and metro for people aged 16 to 25 (26 for National Express) (metro). This is useful not only for excursions between home and school, but also for weekend and day trips around the island.

The distance between the UK and the rest of Europe is just a quick leap, and Ryanair and EasyJet both offer affordable flights. On Skyscanner, low-cost flights are offered by various airlines. Use Occupied receive more travel assistance.

Weather Myths

Many people mistakenly think that the weather in the UK is constantly overcast, cool and rainy. You have discovered that you needn’t worry once you get there. In the UK there are many friendly pubs, fun cafes and a wide variety of things to choose from. Life is planned taking into account the rainy weather. Even without the sun, you won’t even notice it! Also, don’t bother bringing an umbrella; especially among students, who hardly anyone wears them. All you will need is a jacket with a hood that can withstand the rain.

UK Weather Facts –

  • October to January are the rainy months.
  • June (67F) to August are the hottest months (66F).
  • December (45F) to March are the coldest months (49F).

Be responsible for your immigration documentation

What will happen if you don’t have the right papers while studying in the UK, do you know? As an undocumented immigrant, they will deport you.

How scary!

Again, make sure you have done a thorough study. You should make sure you understand the documents well and have completed the forms, as visas, study permits and work permits are all very important but also complex documents. Otherwise, the results can be extremely terrible.

Have you heard that treatment is better than avoidance? Use it in your college life. Obtain a consultation to organize your documents from the best advisors.

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