Why a safari should be your next romantic getaway

What romance is and looks like is different for every couple. It could be exploring new places, having dinner at a romantic restaurant for a date while the grandparents take care of the kids, or just snuggling up on the couch together to watch your favorite movie. at home. Of course, it can be all of these and more. But for those who may have lost faith in the idea of ​​romance and think it’s rather overrated, you need something extra special to make you believe in it again. It’s time for you to go on safari together in Africa!

A safari is a wilderness experience that is quietly exhilarating and intimate all rolled into one. It has romance, luxury and a touch of magic everywhere, allowing you to connect not only with nature but also with the most favorite and beloved person in your life. You’ll have the opportunity to explore and relax together, so that by the time you return home, you’ll both be beaming with all the happy memories you’ve made.

Here are some of the ways a safari will make your next romantic getaway one you won’t soon forget:

Romance under canvas

Your tented safari camp will blend effortlessly into the surrounding bush, giving you a totally immersive and private experience. From the moment you wake together under a canopy of billowing mosquito netting to the moment just before you peacefully fall asleep at night, you are connected to the sights and sounds of nature, and to each other. Even if this link with wild nature is a priority, it does not come at the expense of comfort. So you won’t have to do without the comfort and modern amenities you’re used to.

Instead, think of a dreamy four-poster bed, spacious bathroom with shower and tub, and shaded lounging areas – that’s what makes this a very romantic hideaway. You may never want to leave your tent, even when it’s time to watch the game! The traditional style of the “canvas” tent evokes the glamor and romance of a bygone era, when the idea of ​​safari was first imagined and experienced in Kenya in the 1920s. This touch of nostalgia combined with contemporary design, classic styling and luxurious finishes is exactly where you’ll want to rest and relax on your romantic getaway.

Relax in nature

Escape together allows you to recharge your batteries, far from the stress of everyday life at home, both individually and as a couple. While on safari in the middle of a remote wilderness, you can also take advantage of this all-important digital detox. Camps that consider wellness an important part of the safari experience will encourage you to store all devices for the duration of your stay and may restrict the use of devices in shared spaces. Surrounded by seemingly endless beauty, tranquility and opportunities for sublime moments with wildlife, the need for technology will soon fade.

Your safari time should be yours as you wish. It means doing as much or as little as you feel like doing each day. There is more to the safari experience than just game drives; although it is, of course, one of the best parts! When you’re not driving in the early morning or late afternoon (or out for a walk in the bush), a massage can be the kind of pampering session you need to start the day, or the pool of the camp can invite you to swim after lunch. And then there is one thing that we often need so much but that we cannot enjoy at home: the nap! The balmy afternoons are the best time for a little siesta on the bed or on the outdoor deck chairs.

Dream dinner in the bush

At the end of each safari day, during that magical moment when day turns to night, your guide will tempt you with a refreshing drink (a traditional gin and tonic always goes well) and snacks to say goodbye to the sun. ‘Sundowners’ is a long-standing safari tradition not to be missed. It can be in a romantic bush setting just on the edge of camp, on a hill where you break off the safari to watch the sun sink below the horizon, or around a fire pit where you recount the highlights of the day.

With dancing hurricane lanterns, stars illuminating the sky above and nature’s nightly chorus filling the air, a private dinner on safari takes romance to another level. And that’s before the gourmet cuisine and elegant wine selection arrive! Why not skip the dawn game drive and enjoy a leisurely morning with breakfast served in your tent. Time will seem to stand still as you share a meal and good conversation together, still in a beautiful setting.


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A safari will have you firmly believing that romance is real, but sometimes you have to travel a little farther, perhaps into the African wilderness to find it!

Calvin Cottar is director and owner of Cottar’s 1920s Safaris. Cottar’s 1920s Safaris is an award-winning luxury 1920s safari camp and private bush villa located in the famous “seventh” natural wonder of the world, the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and owned and operated by the oldest established safari family and continues in Africa.

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