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Find out where to study business and management in the United States based on rankings, opportunities, and achievements.

Business and management is one of the extremely popular disciplines among international students who wish to study abroad in the United States. And why not? The country is home to the best business schools in the world, including Harvard and Stanford. For years, these business schools have produced many successful CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and founders of startups. This is why attending one of the best business schools in the United States can be advantageous. You will gain business knowledge and management skills, as well as a degree from a prestigious university, which will undoubtedly distinguish you in the eyes of the best employers in the world.

Although there is no shortage of the best business schools in the country, this article attempts to provide an overview of the 7 best universities to study business and management in the United States.

1. Harvard Business School

Often ranked among the top 5 business schools in the world, Harvard Business School is specifically known for its MBA program. It is part of the prestigious Harvard University and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The school owns Harvard Business Publishing, which publishes business books, leadership articles, case studies, and the monthly harvard business review. Harvard University’s Bloomberg Center for Cities provides scholarship opportunities for its students, enabling them to conduct research and gain experience through field courses and thesis work for clients of the municipal government.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At the intersection of business and technology, MIT offers an exceptional business program that is worth all the buzz to its Sloan School of Management. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the university offers a top-tier undergraduate business program that emphasizes finding practical solutions to real-life problems. Undergraduate students are not admitted directly to MIT Sloan. They are admitted to MIT without the designation of a department or program of study and choose a major at the end of their freshman year.

3. Stanford University

Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Stanford University is one of the top-ranked universities to study abroad in the United States. His Stanford Graduate School of Business is very popular for its MBA program thanks to the achievements and high employability of its students. The unique environment and diverse student population of Stanford GBS allows students to enjoy a myriad of benefits during their time at the university.

4. University of Pennsylvania

Located in the historic town of philadelphia cream, University of Pennsylvania is another top university to study business in the USA. His Wharton School of Business is particularly known for its flexible curriculum that combines the study of business and arts and sciences with dynamic teachers and hands-on experiences. Founded in 1881 with a gift from Joseph Wharton, the prestigious Wharton School is the oldest collegiate business school in the world.

5. University of California

Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkley is the first of its kind to be established at a public university in the United States. Thanks to its progressive policy and its privileged location near the San Francisco Bay Haas attracts many international students who want to discover new learning opportunities at the epicenter of innovation. In addition to its 2-year program and electives, Berkeley Haas requires all MBA students to complete an applied innovation course that helps them hone their leadership skills.

6. University of Michigan

Often ranked among the best business schools in the world, the Stephen M. Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan offers action-based learning, a concept designed to teach students to ask relevant questions, identify important issues, and become effective leaders. Situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s arts and culture hub, Ross has an extensive alumni network with more than 46,000 members. In addition to offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, the institute also offers dual degrees with other colleges and schools of the University of Michigan.

7. New York University

New York University’s Stern School of Business is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools to study business in the United States. Located in the heart of New York, this business school offers a flexible and customizable curriculum. NYU Stern students can complete up to 25% of their programs at other NYU graduate schools. Additionally, the institute also offers one- to two-week study abroad programs that include a course, corporate site visits, and of course, amazing cultural opportunities.

Are you planning to study abroad in the USA in the field of business and management? The business schools listed above may be the best fit for you. Your options, however, don’t end there. There are many other leading American universities in this field, including Columbia University, University of Texasand Yale University, among others. To choose what best suits your profile and budget, you can connect with expert advisors at Occupied who will assess your profile and provide you with the best advice on which university is best for you and how to apply.

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