Why should I go abroad?

The idea of ​​leaving your home and your community can seem a bit daunting, so you might be wondering,what are the advantages of studying abroad?

If you’re reading this, then traveling out of the country has probably crossed your mind if you haven’t already. You are curious and open to change, but not everyone can go abroad. It may come as a surprise to know that less than 1% of American college students decide to study abroad each year.1 This gives you an advantage when applying for internships and jobs during and after your program.

Work abroad: Building international relationships can boost your networking and social skills. Depending on the country of your choice, you may be able to work abroad or get an internship. This can be an opportunity to open doors internationally and domestically upon returning to CSUN. Employers going abroad will value your curiosity, knowledge and adaptability.

Courses abroad:Take advantage of overseas courses that CSUN may not offer. Study and learn in a different country and university with professors from the host campus. Courses can range from Egyptian hieroglyphics to Sicilian mafia depending on the country and the host university. There are many fun and interesting courses to choose from and general education courses to take as an undergraduate student to stay on track for graduation. Students are encouraged to visit departmental websites to see if additional course information is available at the home campus.

New culture : You are in a different country and therefore immerse yourself in a different culture. We don’t all live the same way, and being included in a community across the globe can give you, as an explorer, a deep sense of appreciation for both your host country and your home country. origin. You can learn to speak a new language, try to cook authentic new cuisine, and gain a better overall perspective.

New friends:One reassuring thing is that you are not alone so don’t be afraid to make new friends! Although studying abroad is a small community, it allows you to meet and make lifelong friends from all over the world. We hear stories from our former students abroad who are still in touch with their classmates or roommates decades after returning from their program. Making international friends is a great way to connect with the world.

Independence: Going abroad will make you more independent. If you’ve lived in your community most of your life, going abroad may seem unrealistic. Being separated from family and friends for a semester or even a year can feel like a long time. Well, I’m here to tell you that culture shock is a thing, but like all travelers, we’ve all been through it and are here at CSUN as alumni and coordinators to help you navigate the changes. you might face abroad as an international student.

New language: Learning a new language can be frustrating when you don’t understand what someone is communicating to you because of the language barrier. So why not learn another language? Learning a language can be a challenge, but allows you to be part of the conversation in your host country and impress the locals with your newfound skill. Residents of the host country will also admire your consideration and dedication to immersing yourself in the culture by learning the local lingo.

Memories: A phrase we like to say here at the International & Exchange Student Center (IESC) is that “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Your trips abroad may not always be great, but they are memories you will remember forever. Reminisce about adventures with photos, journals, and vlogs. These are great ways to share stories with others throughout your life.

Whether you decide to go as an undergraduate or postgraduate, there are many benefits to studying abroad that can enrich, challenge, and give you the experience you need to grow as a CSUN Matador overseas. . If you would like more information or contact a study abroad advisor at CSUN, visit the Center for International and Exchange Students website.

Tessa Cervantes-Roth, CSUN Study Abroad Advisor

Photo taken by CSUN CSUIP alumni Menen Basha, 2020

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