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Canada is home to many prestigious MBA programs. Explore the top five business schools nationwide based on job placement, student satisfaction, graduate earning potential, and employer reputation.

Outside of the United States, Canada was the first country to offer an MBA. And today, it is one of the most popular study destinations in the world for international students. From world-renowned universities and a diverse student body to global employers who have a consistently high demand for MBA graduates, the country has it all.

Below is a list of universities where you can study MBA in Canada. All of these universities offer comprehensive development through a good mix of research and a practical, experience-based approach to curriculum coverage.

University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management

Each year, more than 3,000 students attend the Rotman School of Management Toronto Campus. Rotman students frequently pursue cooperative programs with some of the world’s largest companies.

Rotman’s MBA courses include master’s degrees in financial risk management and finance, as well as degree courses in professional accounting, which are the three strengths of the school. Many graduates go on to work in finance and consulting in industries ranging from venture capital to healthcare and banking.

Rotman is also well known for her Initiative for Women in Business, which provides female students with additional career development and hands-on training in three key areas: personal performance, leadership development, and transition support.

University of Western Ontario – Ivey Business School

Located in London, Ontario, Ivey Business School is another top institution to pursue an MBA in Canada. From being the first North American business program to offer programs in Hong Kong with the EMBA program to specializing in case-based learning, Ivey has many reasons why so many international students want admission into this prestigious business school.

Ivey offers a Master of Management that builds on prior undergraduate business experience, as well as an MBA, Accelerated MBA, EMBA, and Direct MBA for Honors Bachelor of Arts students. The school’s one-year MBA program not only lowers opportunity costs, but also provides students with an intensive, world-class set of courses to help them achieve their career goals.

Queen’s University – Smith School of Business

Smith School of Business, located in Goodes Hall at Queen’s University in Kingston, offers a flexible and highly personalized full-time MBA program, allowing you to design the best program for your career goals. The school is also very proud of its student entrepreneurs. Dare to Dream is a school-run program that invests in businesses and entrepreneurial ideas proposed by students. With over 25,000 graduates worldwide, the school gives you the opportunity to be part of a fantastic alumni network while giving you access to a variety of job opportunities.

The Smith School’s full-time MBA course includes courses in analytics, leadership, business strategy, accounting, and communications, plus more than a dozen electives.

University of Alberta – Alberta School of Business

Alberta School of Business, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is a research-intensive publicly funded institution that is consistently ranked among the top 50 publicly funded universities for research. The business school enrolls over 2,000 undergraduates and 750 postgraduates. Alberta has five MBA programs, including career specializations in Energy Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Operations and Business Analytics, Public Sector and Healthcare Management, and strategy and consulting.

UAlberta is one of the few schools with a strong emphasis on real estate business. It also offers an Energy MBA program aimed at developing leaders for the energy and natural resource industries. It also offers a master’s program in accounting for those who wish to become a CPA.

The University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business

More than 4,000 students attend Sauder School of Business in Vancouver. Sauder has one of the most diverse MBA programs in North America. Up to 70% of students come from countries other than Canada. The school’s Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education program integrates First Nations, Métis, and Inuit identities, culture, values, and language into business education.

UBC Sauder’s MBA program combines specialized career paths with hands-on experience. The program is organized around five key elements: creativity, global issues, ethics and sustainability, decision-making and macroeconomics. With the Global Immersion program, students will be exposed to international business and gain experience.


As competition for admission to US universities has intensified, the number of international students applying for an MBA in Canada has increased significantly in recent years. Moreover, the cost of MBA in Canada is much cheaper than in the United States. While the United States remains a popular choice for many students in North America, students in Canada are looking for more affordable degree options.

You can also get a MBA in Canada Online top universities that provide one-on-one access to business leaders, practice dissecting real business cases, and ongoing career support and information exchange.

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